In Ukraine Alka-Seltzer is positioned as a fast cure for hangover symptoms.
A hangover is a stress for your entire organism, it often dulls senses and slows down thinking ability. So, without a fast remedy you can easily confuse some things and get into a ridiculous, “dangerous” and foolish situation.
Radio spot - Names
Woman: - Good morning, honey!
Man (yawning): - Morning, Katy…
Woman (infuriated): Who!? (gives the man a slap on his face)
Man (scared): - Ah? Mary!?
Woman (shouting): You are a bastard! (gives him another slap)
(the woman gives the man a punch, throws a vase at him, kicking a row)
Man (in pain): Ah!.. Oh!.. Ah!.. Diana!?.
(the outraged woman crashes plates and dishes, starts a chainsaw and charges at the man)
Man (imploring): Ah!.. No! Please!.. (quickly recalls all female names he knows) Susan, Natalie, Sasha, Joan, Liza!.. No-o-o… Ahhh!..
VO: A hangover is dangerous. Alka-Seltzer. Over with hangover.
Got Awards
Golden Drum, 2008 – bronze
Kiev International Advertising Festival, 2008 – gold
Moscow International Advertising Festival, 2008 – bronze
ADC UA , 2008 – silver
Belarus International Advertising Festival, 2009 – gold
Russia National Advertising Festival “Idea”, 2008 – bronze
Effie Awards Ukraine, 2008 – silver
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